Xiaomi Mi 5S, Mi 5S Plus Officially Unveiled As New Flagship Killer

Xiaomi has launched two new flagship killers with the Xiaomi Mi 5S and Xiaomi Mi 5S Plus. The two new smartphones have been launched in China and will likely make it to the international market soon.

Possibly the biggest advantage of the two new smartphones are its prices. For their specs they are priced reasonably well. The Xiaomi Mi 5S is priced RMB 1999 or about $299 for its 64nGB model while the 128 GB variant is at RMB 2299 or around $344, according to GSM Arena. The Xiaomi Mi 5S Plus is at RMB 2299 or $344 for the 64 GB model while the 128 GB model is at RMB 2599 or around $389. It should be noted that the prices are for China and that prices for other territories might be different.

The two smartphones are said to be flagship killers due to the prices they have in relation to their specs. For their specs, they are expected to have higher prices, but then they are priced more as mid-range phones than high-end ones.

The specs of the Xiaomi Mi 5S is that it has a Snapdragon 821 as its processor. As noted the smartphone comes in two variants. One comes in with 64 GB internal storage and 3 GB RAM while the other has 128 GB internal storage and 4 GB RAM. It has a 12 MP camera at the back which is said to be better than what the iPhone 7 or Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge have. On the front is a 4 MP camera.

The Xiaomi Mi 5S is the smaller of the two 5.15-inch IPS LCD screen. One of its features is its fingerprint sensor. AnandTech notes that the Xiaomi Mi 5S has a 3200 mAh fixed battery, which could be a disadvantage for those who might want removable batteries.

Mashable states that the Xiaomi Mi 5S Plus is currently the most powerful smartphone out. At least, in theory, that might be true. Just like the Xiaomi Mi 5S it has the Snapdragon 821 as its processor. It also has two variants with one having 64 GB storage and 4 GB RAM while the other is equipped with 128 GB storage and 6 GB RAM. On the rear are dual 13 MP cameras while the front has a 4 MP camera.

The Xiaomi Mi 5S Plus is larger with a 5.7-inch IPS LCD screen. Battery size is 3800 mAh though like the Xiaomi Mi 5S it is a fixed battery. Both phones will have Android 6 Marshmallow as their OS. The Xiaomi Mi 5S will have MIUI 7 GUI while the Xiaomi MI 5S Plus will have MIUI 8 as its GUI. How much of a flagship killer the two smartphones would be in the market, however, remains to be seen. It will mostly depend on how the market will react to the two new smartphones.

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