iPhone 7: Are People Really Drilling A Headphone Jack Into The Phone?

With the recent release of Apple's new flagship device, the iPhone 7, several criticisms sprung up as a result of the absence of the much-loved headphone jack. However, thanks to the ever recurring need for human ingenuity, the man had once again tested out the limits in hopes of being able to plug a headphone into the iPhone 7 by drilling a hole on it.

Obviously, this is a big joke and that it really would just cause further damage. But on the other hand, a YouTube video proves that things can go the other way around as it uploaded a hoax video. The scary thing is that it may have convinced 10 million people that it really will work.

Tech tutorial and discussion videos are popular on YouTube, and every time Apple launches a new product or update, they grab the opportunity to do something cool with the new device.

Now, it is very evident that lots of people hate the new iPhone 7 because it doesn't have a headphone jack. Meanwhile, TechRax latches on the hype issue by making an obvious but literally nonsensical video tutorial. It drills a hole on the iPhone 7.

The narrator in the video stated that it is perfectly normal to see your brand new iPhone 7 flash out when drilling a hole on it. 

"This means you're on your way to getting a brand new headphone jack," the uploader said

The man then attempts to plug the headphone into the newly drilled hole. Surprisingly, music played out well although it is very obvious that the sounds came from the speakers itself and not from the headphones.

Taras Ukrainian who is also known as Taras Maksimuk is the one responsible for the video. He even stated that he is a master in "smashing technology for your pleasure".

With the release of Apple's new iPhone 7, things have turned out very differently as what is expected with the lack of a headphone jack. Whichever the case may be, never ever try this at home. You'll just end up wasting a whole lot of money.

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