Selena Gomez First To Reach 100M Followers On Instagram; Reigned 'Social Media Queen' Despite Going Through Health Problems

Selena Gomez has recently broken a first record on Instagram, being the first account ever to have reached 100 million followers. She is now crowned as the "Social Media Queen" by her fans and followers on the internet.

Selena Gomez First Ever To reach The 100 Million Mark Of Followers On Instagram

After the avid fans and followers of Selena Gomez on Instagram made a campaign to make the singer the first ever to reach 100 million followers, it has finally come to light. The young singer definitely broke some kind of record in reaching that number, topping all the other famous artists like Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, Beyoncé and more.

However, despite her success in social media and her career as well, Selena has been suffering some health problems which prompted her to cancel the remaining of her "Revival Tour" last August. The young Hollywood star is reportedly going through depression due to her Lupus.

Selena was recently dragged into the Brad and Angelina break-up, with tabloids and allegations putting the blame on her for the break-up. However, given that she has stayed away from the light for a while now, it is unlikely to be true.

Selena Gomez Decides To take The Rest Of The Year Off, Focusing On Her Health Problems

In a statement she released, she stated how depression, anxiety and panic attacks can be some of the effects of lupus which has affected her in many ways. She decided to take the rest of the year off so she can give more time to make herself better. Nevertheless, she thanks her fans for being so supportive and understanding amidst all the decisions she has made with regards to her career.

Even though she hasn't posted anything yet on Instagram since she cancelled her tour and after the conflict she had with ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber, she is still obviously loved by so many. She's continually gaining followers despite her absence from the media.

Selena Gomez has decided to make herself free from any commitments for the rest of the year, and her fans are hoping that she will be back as soon as she can. There have been speculations that she is currently battling with depression and has allegedly checked in a center for it, however this has not been confirmed by any of her staff.

Despite deciding to stir away from the world for a short while, Selena Gomez is still loved by the many millions around the world and will be there waiting for her when she decides to return.

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