Apple's HealthKit Improved Diagnosis By Interpreting Patient's Data

Apple Inc. is keen on enhancing its HealthKit. The tech giant plans on turning it into a tool. Apple wants the software to interpret patient's data; thus, allowing an improved diagnosis for users and doctors.

Apple's HealthKit

Apple's HealthKit was first introduced in 2014, according to CNET. It is used to collect fitness data from wearable devices.

Bloomberg has reported that Apple has been hiring health-care experts. The company has been building an improved electronic health record software. They want a software that could analyze and understand the implications of patient data well. People familiar with the plan shared this to Bloomberg.

Apparently, the upgraded HealthKit is the ultimate goal of Apple's medical technology team. It will be an answer to the problems in the said industry. The system should be able to allow interoperability and analysis.

Data could be transferred from hospital to hospital across different databases. This will be mostly beneficial to physicians. They would be able to easily deduce information from a lot of data.

New Apps For The Apple Watch

One of the insiders also shared that Apple is also working on new apps. They are being developed for the Apple Watch. It will help the user to track sleep patterns. The other app will gauge fitness levels. The time taken for the heart rate to fall from its peak to resting level has to be measured.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has previously expressed his interest in the health-care industry. He has said that there's a huge opportunity in the $8 trillion industry. It could be another source of the company's revenue.

Likewise, it will create more dependence on Apple's devices. Customers might be encouraged to use this new services.

Apple has been asked to comment about this. However, they declined to comment.

It should be remembered that Apple has just bought Gliimpse. The start-up company that collects electronic health records from different places. The data are stored in one place.

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