iPhone 7 Plus Photos: A More Critical Look At Apple's New Dual-Lens Camera System

Earlier this month, Apple unveiled its next line of much awaited smartphones - the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus. Although both devices came with a list of new features only the larger device comes to the market with Apple's revolutionary dual-lens camera, which is arguably the best feature that was added to the handheld. With the ease of a handheld, users can take quality photos and videos with ease.

iPhone 7 Plus: Camera Specifications

As reported by BGR, the dual lens camera of the unit, which rests comfortably on the back portion, is a 12 megapixel wide-angle camera with a second 56mm telephoto camera. Basically, a user can zoom up to twice as much with the telephoto camera.

iPhone 7 Plus: Portrait Mode

As if the new camera of the iPhone 7 was not good enough on its own, its capabilities were further explored with the new iOS 10.1m which is currently still in its beta mode. Upgrading to the latest operating system from Apple allows users to try out the Portrait Mode.

The new mode, as noted by Digital Trends, uses a combination of both lenses of the camera. In essence, the primary lens takes a wide-angled photo while the telephoto lens provides depth data. What results is a wonderfully taken photo that has a clear subject, resting on top of a subtly blurred background - much like photos taken by a DLSR. Furthermore, this is done in real time, so users can preview the photo before it is actually taken.

In addition, the shallow depth version of the image is saved along with the standard photo, so users can actually choose between both.

The portrait mode also gives tips to users. For example, it tells the user whether or not they are standing too close or to far from the photo subject.

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