AMD RX 490, Powerful Graphics Card Coming This Year: Better Than GTX 1080?

People who are so much into PC gaming definitely understand the importance of a superior graphics card. With a super hefty graphics card, a player can enjoy playing great looking and high-end games that do not compromise quality. With that in mind, fans are looking forward to getting their hands on AMD's upcoming high-end graphics card called the AMD Radeon RX 490.

AMD RX 490 Rumors

Speculations state that the AMD RX 490 is a 4K gaming class GPU with larger than 256bit memory interface. This means that the RX 490's memory interface is larger than the RX 480's and RX 470's. Furthermore, another source said that the AMD RX 490 could be Polaris based and be more powerful than the GTX 1080.

However, until fans can finally get their RX 490 card, nothing is confirmed just yet. But so far, there have been a number of sources that predicted that the AMD RX 490 could beat NVIDIA's GTX 1080 in many ways. Luckily, the curiosity behind this could be solved soon. Recent leaks suggest that the AMD graphics card is definitely coming this 2016.  

AMD RX 490 Release Date

Different sources have pointed out that the RX 490 will be arriving 2016, and this is probably true. According to one source, AMD might have revealed this valuable info on its website. Apparently, the new graphics card in listed on their website and is a part of a promotion that expires 2016. This means that the AMD RX 490 has to be released this year to be included in a promotion that expires December 31.

AMD RX 490 Price

According to one of the sources, AMD 4X 490 could be released with a £600 price tag. However, until AMD finally releases the next-generation first-class graphics card, that price tag is still inconclusive. Thus, for fans of AMD and gaming enthusiasts, it looks like the wait is almost over. October is almost in and AMD is probably going to release the RX 490 within the next two months.

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