'Pokemon Go' Latest Updates: Our Ultimate Guide In Spawn Points

Welcome to our in-depth "Pokemon Go" guide for spawn locations, wherein certain Pokemon spawn rates will play a major factor in your quest to find the best ways to catch water type Pokemon to those easier to catch at night time ghost Pokemon.

Spawn Points, What Are They?

Spawn points are specific locations wherein servers are placed and will spawn a specific Pokemon in a specific time. For a player this would mean that in every spawning point that a "Pokemon Go" player will secure for himself/herself; this will be shown in your "Sightings" listing.

Why Is It Important To Locate These 'Pokemon GO' Spawn Points?

The importance of spawn points is that it will cater to a much quicker approach of seeking out a Pokemon courtesy of your "Sightings" list nearby your location. This will also give you a prompt of the appropriate schedule for the whole day of a "Pokemon Go" spawn location; of which if it could yield a rare Pokemon.

What Is The Best Way of Seeking-Out These "Pokemon Go" Spawn Points?

The only efficient way to seek out these so-called "Pokemon Go" spawn points is by the usual walking. Never forget to use the "Sighting" tool and try to make an exploration of all the Pokemon that will register on the listing.

Consistently, attempt to watch the area of where you got these Pokemon and observe the time you've seen or gotten them. In the event that this pattern proceeds for a few back to back hours amid the day and showing up at precisely the same, odds are that particular area where you've caught the Pokemon is a "Pokemon GO" generate.

In related news, hackers of "Pokemon Go" are once again in heat, as reported by Slash Gear.

Here's the message that will register for anyone using a mode such as CyanogenMod.

"As of now, any account for any version of the game below 0.39 will see the 'update' button in-game and will be unable to do anything but walk (without egg or candy reward) until they update. Any user playing with an automatic system will be flagged as they proceed to move in the game without updating, and a later set of bans will be enforced. Soon."

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