iOS Latest: Google's Search App Now in Incognito Mode

By Anne , Sep 29, 2016 12:50 PM EDT

For people who enjoy a private surfing experience, the new iOS feature might give you a heads up. 

Google introduced its latest iOS update, the "incognito mode" allowing users "off-the-record search". The webpages that a user opens will not be logged in the browsing history. Also, downloaded files will be hidden and after closing the incognito window, cookies will immediately be deleted. 

Unlike Chrome and Safari, Google iOS app allows its users to lock incognito searches behind Touch ID, a feature not available in most browsers.

Going 'Incognito'

To make use of iOS's latest feature, users can simply switch on the incognito mode option in the Settings. The Touch ID can be also be turned for the incognito mode, which means that no one except the user can re-enter and open its recent incognito session.

As soon as it is enabled, the user can start a new incognito mode session through 3D Touch on the app icon.

Numerous Features are in Store

Google made numerous changes to the private search feature. Most noteworthy is its ability to watch Youtube videos directly in the search results. A user need not open the Youtube application or browser to listen to music and play videos. 

Though turning on 'Incognito' offers a user privacy, it may not be as exclusive as it is. "Going incognito doesn't hide your browsing from your employer, your internet service provider, or the websites you visit." Chrome warns. 

A report from Huffington Post said that Google has invested heavily in artificial intelligence. The search giant can track an individual's digital movements - every search made and videos watched by the user are remembered by his or her Google account. 

Using iOS's latest private feature might not guarantee full privacy, still, private made a bit more private definitely would go a long way.

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