Is The End Near For Walking Dead With $280 Million Lawsuit? Latest News and Updates Inside

AMC's greatest TV Series might be in a brink of extinction.

One of the most popular and successful series of all time, The Walking Dead, is dealing with some serious issues for the past week.

The show debuted last October 31, 2010 and was developed by Frank Darabont. For over six years The Walking Dead made a stamp on the map and considered as one of the greatest TV series ever. The Walking Dead is about an American horror drama series that revolves around strangers turned friends and horde of zombies. Like the game ‘Survivor' , they are trying to ‘outwit', ‘outplay', and ‘outlast' everybody else just to stay alive.

The Walking Dead is a standard on its own. However, after six strong seasons, it shows its first weakness. Season six season premiere garnered 14.63 million viewers and 14.19 million on its finale with an average of 13.15 million viewers weekly. The numbers that was gathered was the lowest total since the third season last 2012. We are not counting out The Walking Dead series but a huge decline was prominent last season.

The $280 million lawsuit vs Walking Dead.

A mediocre season last year and now a million dollar lawsuit. It seems to be that The Walking Dead can't get enough of distractions or headache going to its seventh season. Frank Darabont who was heavily responsible for developing and getting "The Walking Dead" TV deal files for a lawsuit. Darabont, is also responsible in creating and landing much of the cast.

Darabont and his agents in CAA have been engaged in a lawsuit with AMC due to his dismissal from the massive hit "The Walking Dead". Darabont said that the network owes him an exact amount of $280 million. The lawsuit and Darabont states that he was owed upwards of 10 percent of shows profits. The case is already filed and a trial will likely happen on 2018.

But for now, regardless of what will happen, Season 7 of "The Walking Dead" will premiere on October 23.

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