WWE 2K17: Key Components Added, Features Upgraded, Brawl Backstage?

WWE 2K17 just made a major announcement on some big changes on their game.

Ever since 2K Sports took over WWE 2K game, they have been constantly upgrading and adding some spectacular features. Features that includes the ability to brawl backstage and even, go outside the ring and brawl with the crowd.

The latest roster has been released but the final roster is still being ironed out. However, the gameplay is fully developed and that is the most important thing. The developers and director made it to a point that prior to revealing the roster or showing their finishers, gameplay should be already accomplished.

What can we expect from WWE 2K17? What are the added features on the game?

Apart from having the biggest roster in WWE 2K history and a realistic career mode, there are still things that we need to check out on WWE 2K17. Gamespot was able to sit and interview creative director Lynell Jinks and game designer Ramelle Ballesca, here's the excerpt of their interview.

GameSpot: "There are a few things you've changed about this year's game, but one thing I noticed was the timing on reversals seemed different. Did the team change that at all?"

Lynell Jinks: "I haven't noticed a difference but I have heard people say in development, that they can't get it so I don't know. I think it's one of those things where it might feel different but I think it's the same. We haven't changed it. There's also now an alternate submission meter as well, so there is more button mashing if you want to use that instead."

Gamespot: "For someone who's played the game quite a lot, what do you feel are going to be the key gameplay differences that they are going to notice?

Lynell Jinks: "Basically in WWE 2K15, we knew we had to strip from the game a lot of elements that people really liked just to get it onto new platforms. Our goal (now) is basically trying to get those modes back in. We're trying to slowly put those back in but also we're looking at gameplay, in smoothing out transitions, so people will notice that the animations feel a lot smoother. [There are also] new mechanics with tables, and the ladder system is completely redone this year. We're getting backstage brawls back in, fighting within the crowd--those elements are really cool and really fun."

Gamespot: "Any other little things that you may have changed or tweaked in the game but fans may not immediately notice, but is important to the overall package?"

Lynell Jinks: "For us, I'm really proud of just the amount of data we actually put into the creation suite. We know that that's where our game has legs. In production, we try to follow what's going on in the WWE and WWE Network as much as we can, but at a certain point we have to basically put pencils down and try to get the game done. As you know, the WWE changes constantly. So our job is to help try to give this game legs by giving the users the tools to try to do the updates on someone's likeness or their gear or their entrance, or even create someone who just is entering to the WWE."

Here's a sample of what to expect in WWE 2K17:

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