'Final Fantasy XIV' Update: Square Enix Finds Spam Bot Cure; Log-in Problems Now Persist?

"Final Fantasy XIV" has been plagued by spam bots through the years; recently developer and publisher Square Enix has made a refinement on this matter, as reported by Kotaku.

This latest updated FFXIV patch will now allow players to conveniently report the "MONEY FOR GIRL" or RMT spam directly in the Final Fantasy chat log box.

Square Enix made a report of this and was mentioned in the website saying:

Any reports sent using this function will be processed automatically. When it is confirmed the reported player is sending RMT messages, their ability to speak with other players will be restricted,"

Patch 3.4 will no longer have "Final Fantasy XIV" players have an uncertain experience of being bombarded by unnecessary spam bots as there will be lesser bot-block liabilities.

Players in the past would have their statuses set on a "busy" mode or they will be directed to an online form to report the spam bot or to the "Final Fantasy XIV" community.

Former to this adjustment, the Steam community website was again inundated with messages that mention:

"Spam Messages over and over..

This is getting annoying as hell.. trying to enjoy and have fun with the game gets always interrupted with the instant message sound playing and having the chat bar full with fake spam ads from random stupid fake accounts :/ i know i can blacklist them, but there are always new spammers. Is square enix nothing doing about this? just curious."

In related news, the server as of earlier today for "Final Fantasy XIV" experienced technical problems, as reported on the website.

The cause of which are the inability to log-in, inability to access certain areas, and the inability to transfer items.

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