NBA 2K17 Guide: Use These Glitches To Acquire Free Items, VCs

NBA 2K17 has finally arrived, and sure enough, lots of fans are enjoying the title 2K Games gave them. Nevertheless, since the game is still fresh from the oven, glitches are to be expected. But hey, you can actually take advantage of them. In fact, these can help you acquire free coins and/or items. Well, here's a guide that can help you big time!

Previous Locker Codes Applied NBA 2K17

In our previous guide, we shared about how to unlock badges in NBA 2K17. This time around, we'll show you which locker codes from the previous game will work in the new title. Obviously, this is a glitch, as this shouldn't be happening at all. Regardless, it's cool to know that you can take advantage of it (why not, right?).

Below are the aforementioned locker codes (from NBA 2K16) that can be used in NBA 2K17:

  • 500 VC - SHOOT2MUCH500
  • 1,000 VC - #2KTVPOSTSEASON
  • Random Item - MYSTERY
  • 2K TV Shirt for MyPlayer - #2KTVHEYGUYS
  • 500 VC - PARKSWAG

New Set Of NBA 2K17 Locker Codes

Yes, you read that right! Apart from the aforementioned ones, there are also new sets of NBA 2K17 locker codes. And take note: all of these can give players free VC as well as items. The only thing they need to do is go to 2KTV then on the game on its mobile companion app. As soon as the video ends, a list of questions will be asked. But don't worry -- the answers (in order) are below!

  • Any Answer
  • Mismatch
  • Toronto All-Star Weekend
  • #32
  • Any Answer
  • Any Answer
  • 18.3 ppg
  • 2012 with NBA 2K13
  • Any Answer

Keep in mind that in every correct answers to the said NBA 2K17 questions will result to free VCs and items (random). This is definitely a great workaround, most especially to players who are new to the game. Use them to your advantage!

What are your thoughts on this NBA 2K17 guide? Have you tried one of them already? Share to us your experience by using the comment section below!

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