'Final Fantasy XV' Update, Spoilers: FFXV Noctis HP Recovery, Powerful Attacks, Finding Key Locations, Bonus Tips

By Gen Que , Sep 29, 2016 04:30 AM EDT

Those who have a taste of playing the first few hours or minutes of "Final Fantasy XV" have more reveals as to what fans should expect of the game when it is released in November. From crafting spells and new features, FFXV spoilers just keep coming. This time, it's about Noctis' HP recovery, executing powerful attacks, and finding key locations in the "Final Fantasy XV" world.

Noctis is the central character of "Final Fantasy XV" and the heir to the kingdom of Lucis. His strengths is his ability to wield multiple different weapons during a single battle. But his main weapon is called the Engine Blade, a falchion which can be upgraded.

In "Final Fantasy XV," Noctis has the ability to recover his HP in four different ways. He can use an item, take cover from his enemy and wait for his HP to recover, use the Warp Strike and go to higher ground to take a rest, or his friends can run over to him and heal him. Among these four methods, the last one is the most lethal and powerful. Those who have played the FFXV demo said that it was common for his friends to do just like that every time Noctis goes down.

During "Final Fantasy XV" battle, players can make Noctis' attacks more powerful by teaming up with one of his friends. For example, Noctis can Warp Strike a handful of enemies with one strike after Ignis throw the knives to the targets using his Mark ability. Or he can team up with Prompto's Marksman ability and make the shot more powerful. Gladiolus, on the other hand, can land a lethal blow to his enemies using a short timed quick-time event.

To find special FFXV locations, players can find most of them by talking to diner staff. They are easy to find as every settlement has a diner and a unique menu. The staff will mark important locations on the map if players talk to them. Some of these special locations include procurement points, havens for resting, Regalia parking spots, and outposts. Procurement points are places where players can get crystals for magic elements, treasures, and mineral deposits.

Bonus fact: "Final Fantasy XV" players can change the color of the Regalia's wheel, body, and interior. They can also put decals on the body which can be acquired as the game progresses.

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