Watch Dogs 2 News: Wide Range of Clothing, More Customization Options Revealed

Ubisoft's Watch Dogs 2 is set for release soon and according to the latest news, this hack and shoot game will have more customization options and wider range of clothing for the main protagonist.

Ubisoft has also added new stores where Marcus Holloway, a hacktivist and the protagonist of the show, can choose what he wants to wear other than the trench coat. With these options, Watch Dogs 2 is trying to make its fashion statement more vibrant and exciting to reflect its younger hero.

Some of the customization options available are the jacket/shirt combination, pants, and a hat as well as other accessories, such as glasses and bags. Most notably, these clothes and accessories vary from every store the main character visits. Aside from boutiques and retail stores, the character can also explore outdoor markets to hunt for new styles and accessories. Aside from this, Ubisoft also added a "Premium" option which will be available through DLC or "microtransactions."

The enhancements might just be purely aesthetic but it allow players to channel their own personalities and preferences through the game's main character with their choice of clothing and accessory.
Clothes and fashion aside, Watch Dogs 2 also features some cool new high-tech gadgets which Holloway use for hacking.

Two of them include a quad-copter and remote controlled Jumper which he used to infiltrate a very secured facility and hijack a truck.

Aside from changing its main protagonist, War Dogs 2 also changed locations Chicago to San Francisco. Not everyone might love the game but it has its advantages, such as intuitive controls and fun gadgets. Plus, San Francisco can't be as more real than in Watch Dogs 2.

Watch Dogs 2 is set for release on November 15 and will be available on PlayStation 4, XBox One, and PC.

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