Xbox Scorpio Release Date: Is it Worth the Wait? What We Know so Far

After Microsoft revealed at the 2016 E3 event last June that they are working a 4K gaming console called Project Scorpio, the only concrete detail that surfaced is that it is not coming out until next year. With this information on hand, is Project Scorpio really worth waiting for? Here's what we know so far:

Project Scorpio: The Most Powerful Console Ever Created

Project Scorpio was first introduced to the public to bring 4K gaming to consoles. When it was launched, Microsoft has been wavering the banner that Xbox Scorpio will be the "most powerful console ever created."

Amid qualms of game fanatics towards Microsoft's promising ambition, Xbox's Senior Director of product management and planning Albert Penello admitted to Tech Radar that they cannot hit the mark yet as close to Project Scorpio's announcement.

This confession is due to fact that Xbox developers are still blank on how to take advantage of the added supremacy that the 4K gaming console will offer.

Project Scorpio Not An Iteration To Sony's Abandonment Of 4K Ambition

It can be well noted that Sony just announced its decision a few days ago to abort the same ambition for PlayStation 4 Pro that was expected to revolutionize gaming experience under its branding. Lack of 4K disc players was seen behind Sony's surprising announcement.

Despite roadblocks along the way, Penello is optimistic that his team at Xbox can come up with techniques to eventually achieve the desired 4K gameplay experience.

Project Scorpio Developers Expect Smooth Transition

Given the work of game engines today in relation to building textures in high resolutions and optimizing them to be ported to different platforms, Penello expressed that his team will be able to finish Scorpio as they have already done more than what these game engines did.

Hence, a smooth transition to Scorpio is what Xbox developers are expecting. Per report from WCCF Tech, Microsoft "is doing everything it can" to realize a smooth transition.

Project Scorpio Is Xbox One's Continuation

For those who have worries that Xbox One gamers will be left behind, Penello assured them that they can still port their existing games to the next generation console-only with better gameplay experience.

In an interview with Tech Radar, he said: "Scorpio is part of the Xbox One family ... all of your games and accessories will work. Your existing games will run better on Scorpio, and ... we didn't want to leave gamers behind."

Xbox Scorpio is rumored to be out in Holiday 2017.

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