Xiaomi Mi 5S Introduces New Fingerprint Technology Ahead of iPhone 8

Apple may have the spotlight recently but Xiaomi makes sure it can beat the tech giant with its own game. If Apple is famous in the West, then Xiaomi dominates the East, particularly China.

Americans are usually not familiar with Xiaomi even if the Chinese tech giant offers affordable smartphones that can be compared to iPhone's features. Furthermore, Xiaomi is like a duplicate of Apple when it comes to their features and sleek design according to BGR

Xiaomi's Latest Flagship

Xiaomi just recently launched Mi 5s and what Apple reportedly is working on to include in the iPhone 8 is already on the latest Xiaomi's smartphone: the fingerprint sensor under the glass. There were previous reports about this feature for the Cupertino-based company's next flagship phone, but it seems that the Chinese beat them to it.

Xiaomi Mi 5s Beats the iPhone 8 to the Ultrasound Fingerprint Sensor

Xiaomi calls the latest feature "ultrasonic" home button. According to Tech Times, this is more or less similar to what Apple is planning. It features a sensor placed under the glass, which when triggered, will release ultrasound waves to read the finger.

According to reports, the ultrasonic home button can read fingerprints more accurately than Apple's current technology in the iPhone 7 because dirt or any other particles cannot go inside the glass, lessening the interference of third party materials. 

iPhone 8 Embedded Fingerprint Sensor

It has been heavily rumored that the Cupertino tech giant is implementing a fingerprint sensor underneath the display, resulting in a smoother iPhone with no bumps. Although it is slightly different from Xiaomi's, the technology might turn out to be the same.

As of the iPhone 7 has just been released, not much is known about its successor, except that it will be released in Fall 2017 and will be completely revamped for the company's 10th anniversary of the iPhone. This may include releasing a smaller handset that has the same display size.

Of course, with new smartphones are launched almost every month, consumers are always excited what will come next, what will be the next features on the next one and more. Technology is truly part of everyone's life.

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