Updated Fallout 4 Patch Fixes Current Bug, Nuka-World

Fallout 4 is one of the best games today and could be considered as the most exciting action role-playing game ever. The game was released last 2015 worldwide and is the 6th major installment of the Fallout Video Game Series.

Today, Bethesda, the game developer and producer released its new patch for Fallout 4 on PC and Xbox one. The objective of the new patch is to fix the current issue in the Nuka-World, and to update Far Harbor and Contraptions Workshop expansions.

Update 1.7.19 of Fallout 4 is a "general updates to Bethesda.net mods," Bethesda said in a forum post. It was not specified whether or not it is part of the moderation tools or mod authors which was discussed earlier that week.

The Grand Tour mission could not be completed if you are Gage with you active companion. That was the main problem in Nuka-World, but is already fixed by using this updated patch.
Here's the list of the updated patch that was able to fix the issue.

Item Fixes

-Trough water types (IntTroughWater, ExtTroughWater) erroneously had an activation name filled in which caused them to display "MaterialWaterTrough" when trying to fill or drink from them in survival mode. (Bug #20883)
-LegendaryModRule_AllowedKeywords_ArmorBodyPartChest is incorrectly allowing more than chest armors to turn legendary due to an incorrectly added ObjectTypeArmor keyword. The erroneous keyword is already in use on legendary armor rules for other body parts. (Bug #20844)
-Perfectly Preserved Pie is not correctly flagged as a food item. (Bug #20835)
-Due to having a zero duration setting, Cave Fungus, Refreshing Beverage, X-111 Compound, Curie's Healthpak, and Mutant Hound Chops would fail to provide the proper amount of radiation removal in survival mode. (Bug #20737)
-Gunner Guard outfits can spawn for NPCs who also use other leg armor which then causes those NPCs to choose to wear their leg armor and nothing else. (Bug #20837)
-Nick Valentine will not reequip his original trench coat if the player had given him a different one and then later took it away due to improper flags placed on it. (Bug #20840)
-Strong will not reequip his original armor if the player gave him different equipment and later took it back. --This is due to his default outfit using the wrong armor entries. (Bug #20841)
-Curie will not reequip her original clothing if the player exchanges it for something else due to the wrong versions being used in her default outfit. (Bug #20842)
-Roast Yao Guai was incorrectly set to deliver 500% melee damage when the intent was clearly to provide 10%. Though the text indicates a +10 point flat amount, this is not possible to do using food effects so it's pretty clear someone forgot to mark it as +10%. (Bug #19675)
Perk & Stat Fixes

-Level 2 of the Basher perk was incorrectly providing a 100% chance to cripple limbs when it should have been 10%. (Bug #20961)
-The Medicine Bobblehead perk was not stacking at the correct value with level 4 of the Medic perk. (Bug #20738)
-The Idiot Savant perk does not function if your Intelligence drops under 1 due to debuffs or other causes. (Bug #20422)

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