Pokemon GO Guide: How To Use Overpass Turbo To Look For Spawns & Nests

Some Pokemon Go players are using Overpass Turbo to look for Spawns and Nests. It's an online tool that's quite easy to use.

About Pokemon GO Spawns & Open Street Map

A number of Pokemon GO players are well aware that many spawn points and nests could also be found using Open Street Map. Most of the spawn points that appear on Open Street Map are in location classified as Industrial, Grass, Parks and other landmarks. Reddit user nmitch3ll decided to create a tool that makes use of data from Open Street Map.

How to Use Overpass Turbo

The online tool will pinpoint the possible locations for spawn points and nests by means of circles. Each color denotes a specific type of landmark which can give users an idea on what kind of Pokemon they can encounter. Overpass Turbo is available here.

A red circle usually designates a restaurant or a café. A gray circle is usually located in a financial, commercial or government institutions and even a place of worship. Yellow circles are usually in parking spaces while the greens ones are in schools.

Overpass Turbo - Does it Really Works?

Pokemon GO user feedback for Overpass Turbo is generally good at the moment. Most commended the online tool for its ease of use and fast calculation. Users are cautioned though that the circles only provide a possible indication that a spawn point is located there. The tool maker does not guarantee that a nest will be located at the exact circled spot.

Overpass Turbo - How Does it Work?

Overpass Turbo simply uses data from Open Street Map. Pokemon GO users can also customize the Queries by typing their own. Don't worry, typing a query does not involved long and complicated programming. Queries are only limited to a few words that are related to land types such as fountain or swimming pool.

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