'Battlefield 1' Tips, Strategies for All Multiplayer Game Modes

Battlefield 1 is yet to be released in October but there are already a lot of information regarding its gameplay. Recently, information has been released that the game is made up of seven game modes. Some of these modes are already familiar to those who have played the other Battlefield titles but there are a couple of new ones.

The first  mode Air Superiority is already in the previous Battlefield games and is making a comeback in Battlefield 1. The objective of the game is to secure the team's superiority in the airspace which can be achieved by circling the objective to secure it. In the previous games, players can do this by simply gunning down enemy planes. However, there isn't enough information whether the gameplay in Battlefield 1 for this mode will be the same as the others.

The second Battlefield 1 mode is another familiar one and perhaps one of the most favorite modes among players. Conquest mode involves capturing and securing areas in the battlefield. In this mode, tanks, aircrafts, and other vehicles play a critical role in securing an area. In the previous games, the ticket system is used to indicate points. In Battlefield 1, however, points are earned by capturing and maintaining control of an area.

Next is Domination, which is similar to Conquest, but at a much smaller scale. It also has a faster pace than Conquest and no vehicles involved. For those who prefer objective-type games will love Domination Mode.

Another classic included in Battlefield 1 is the Rush Mode where players defend or attack a team. In this mode, attackers are only given 75 tickets to take over an area while defenders have unlimited tickets to hold off the enemy. One of the changes made in this mode is exchanging M-COM stations with telegraph posts, which makes sense since Battlefield 1 happened during WW1. Another difference is the capability of the defenders to ask for an airstrike to eliminate enemies surrounding the areas nearby.

The next one is Team DeathMatch where the only thing that matters is the number of kills the player makes. It's a survival mode where the team has to depend on each other to survive. On this Battlefield 1 game mode, the Medics and Assualt class plays an important role in victory.

The next two modes are the new additions and exclusive to Battlefield 1. In Operations, the team will be divided into two and fight it out as attackers and defenders. The objective is for both teams to push progressively and control each section of the map, much like a game of chess. After one team takes control of an area, they proceed towards another area to capture it. In short, this mode can take forever as teams fight for control.

Lastly, War Pigeons uses pigeons to send messages. The objective of the game is for teams to locate these pigeons and bring them to a designated safe area. After that, the player assigned to the pigeon will send a message to nearby allied soldiers to initiate a strike against an opposing team. This Battlefield 1 gameplay happens back and forth as each team captures a pigeon and transports it to a safe place.

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