'The Walking Dead' Season 7: Big Changes To Happen In New Season; Negan To Take Total Control Over Survivors

"The Walking Dead" season seven is going to premiere in a few weeks and the fans of the series already cannot wait to find out who dies during the season premiere.

Aside from the question of who will die in the upcoming season seven premiere of "The Walking Dead," the viewers are also wondering the aftermath of the death and how Negan will control the remaining survivors.

Negan To Declare Power Above All The Remaining Survivors, Creating Big Changes In Season 7 Of "The Walking Dead"

Negan's presence will be feared by the remaining survivors, realizing that they are no longer as powerful as they were before now that he is around. He said that he has been ruling the land longer than they had anticipated and that they had no knowledge of that information.

Actress Lauren Cohan who plays the role of Maggie, teased a few details about the upcoming season seven of "The Walking Dead." It has been rumored that Maggie will leave the group after the premiere and proceed to the Hilltop colony, believing that this will ensure safety for her and the child that she is pregnant with.

When asked about how Negan's reign will change the dynamic of the storyline, Cohan said that his presence will definitely bring a major change to the show forever as it progresses. He will definitely be a threat to the survivors since he is declaring so much power above all of them.

What Will Be In Store For The Upcoming New Season?

For months, the death during the upcoming premiere of "The Walking Dead" season seven has been the greatest question. However, it is also a mystery how the fate of the remaining survivors will look like once Negan declares power over all of them. A whole new world shall be seen in the new season since there will be new enemies from a new community to be introduced.

There are also speculations that aside from a new community, Oceanside from the comic books will also be introduced in the new season that will be brought about by Tara who will be washed up on the shore.

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