Pokemon GO Secret Tips That Will Bring Your Game To The Next Level

Pokemon GO is still here to stay so loyal fans of the game should have no cause for worry. The updates might have no specific date confirmation yet but it will surely come as confirmed by Niantics and Pokemon Co. And for those who are still looking for tips and strategies to bring their game to the next level, here's some from various players and fans themselves.

For those who have Pokemon GO eggs that are about to hatch but find it annoying to wait for a few seconds and watch the process, players can skip the animation after the eggs hatch by tapping the "Oh?" screen using their two fingers. Moreover, if they want to dismiss the "transfer succeeded" banner, they can also do so by tapping it.

On the other hand, for those who want to skip the Pokemon captured dialog screen in Pokemon GO, they can do so by skipping the "OK" button but click anywhere in the screen to escape the post capture screen immediately.

If Pokemon GO players want to align their location in the game, they can click the compass on the screen to align the view to the north. If they want to align their phone with where it is facing, they can just click the compass again and it dynamically changes.

During a battle, players can swipe their screen to bring up the switch mon screen. Furthermore, they can also swipe through the gym defenders' even when their team is up.

To save time in reviving or healing Pokemon one by one, players can heal all of them together by tapping the Pokemons they want to heal and revive while on the heal/revive screen.If players want to see their friend's CP, moves, and candies, they can click the Candy icon found on the buddy screen to do it.

These might be simple Pokemon GO tips but for those who haven't discovered these basics yet, go and try to make the gameplay much easier and less time consuming.

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