Samsung Galaxy S8 To Feature Powerful Graphics Card And 4K Resolution Screen

For the last few weeks, the media has followed Samsung's every move. From the company's actions to its statements, the world has kept an ear out for how the Korean tech giant will move past the issue of its exploding products. With this prevailing problem surrounding Samsung's products, there is plenty of pressure for the company to make amends with its upcoming Galaxy Note 8. Fortunately, it seems like it is up for the challenge.

Samsung's Best Feature

According to Forbes, the Samsung Galaxy S8 will arrive to the market with one of the most powerful graphics chip in the market. That is, ARM's Mali-G71. This along is quite noteworthy, but pairing it up with other high-end specs going to just put it over the top.

The upcoming flagship is estimated to come with a 4K resolution screen, likely to be 3840 x 2160 pixels. Together with the Mali-G71, this could mean that the Galaxy S8 will be virtual reality ready straight out of the box.

Samsung Galaxy S8: Specs

As Slash Gear notes, there are other specifications that are arriving with the upcoming handheld. For instance, the device will come with a dual-lens camera, much like the one found in the iPhone 7 Plus of Apple. It is also expected to arrive with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 830 processor.

The 4K screen is also expected to arrive at 5.5 inches. Furthermore, Samsung is expected to drop the flat option from its Galaxy S series, much like the Note 7 units.

Samsung Galaxy S8: The Company's Saving Grace?

With all of the above in place, it seems like the South Korean company is poised to earn back the trust of customers all over the world. However, only time will tell as nothing can be said until the Galaxy S8 is actually tested and used. After all, the public was in awe of the Note 7 before reports of exploding batteries made the rounds.

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