'Pokemon Go' Tricks, Cheats: How To Reach Level 40 Via XP Points; Google CRE First Client Breaks Player Traffic Via Google Cloud

For "Pokemon Go" players to level their way and likely be among the first ones to get to Level 40, players must remember the different XP bonuses in the game. According to reports, a number of actions can be done to obtain XP.

"Pokemon Go" levelling is quite easy at first; however its level of difficulty increases as the required XP begin to get complicated. In fact, an XP worth 350,000 is required to climb from Level 29 to Level 30, while it only takes 9,000 XP to reach Level 10 from Level 9. When players get beyond Level 30, one million or more XP is required to progress. With that, no one has ever hit Level 40 so far.

Every "Pokemon Go" action can be paired with some Lucky Eggs or items that when used can provide double XP for up to 30 minutes. Also, it may help to activate the eggs and perform some actions, including evolving some Pokemon.

"Pokemon Go" actions include getting a nice throw and throwing a curveball will each earn them 10 XP; 25 XP for every unsuccessful capture of any Pokemon. 50 XP will be earned by getting a great throw, clear an enemy at the gym or by visiting a Pokestop with less than six items.

One hundred XP for getting an excellent throw, capturing a Pokemon, capturing the 100th Pokemon of the same species, visit 10 rare Pokestops within 30 minutes, defeat a Pokemon in an enemy gym, visit a Pokestop that has six or more items. 200 XP when they hatch a 2km egg; 500 XP for hatching a 5km egg, for capturing a new Pokemon specie and evolving a Pokemon; and 1000 XP for hatching a 10 km egg.

Meanwhile, at a recent Horizon event, Google Customer Reliability Engineering was introduced. According to reports, CRE is a new engagement design, in which Google's technical staff combines with customer teams to create shared responsibility for a reliable and successful cloud applications.

"Pokemon Go" is reported to be the first Google CRE client, and within 15 minutes of rolling out in New Zealand and Australia, the player traffic exceeded Niantic's expectations. Based on results, Niantic's product as well as its engineering teams had something very special, the Pokemon Go, as it would eventually break all the previous estimates of player traffic.


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