iPhone 8 Made Of Glass Up For Release In 2017, Analyst Says

An iPhone 8 made of glass is the latest report available in the tech mill today. News reports of Apple's rumored revolutionary innovation for the iPhone breed broke out after KGI analyst Ming-chi Kuo declared this prediction with no holds barred.

A glass-made iPhone 8 is said to be Apple's next project following the ultimate success of iPhone 7 Jet Black edition. It can be noted that the shiny black version of Apple's current flagship smartphone has been running out of stock due to the unstoppable demand in the global market.

iPhone 8 Made Of Glass Poses Many Challenges

In the report of KGI Securities released to its clients on Monday, Sept. 26, Ming-chi Kuo stated that Apple espousing a glass build for iPhone 8 is in the cards already. The intention of manufacturing the iPhone 8 made of glass is because consumers these days have a thing for shiny gadgets, Kuo noted.

As it is evident, manufacturing a device that is entirely made of glass poses many challenges. One roadblock is the availability of the machine to produce a glass iPhone. Second, fragility becomes a characteristic in question. According to Kuo, the scarcity of iPhone 7 Jet Black edition is brought by troubles with the number of machine that the supply chain partners of Apple have.

However, a report from Business Insider noted that "it's a lot easier to make glass glossy than the aluminum Apple currently uses."

iPhone 8 In 2.5D Glass Casing, Metal Frame

If iPhone 8 made of glass comes into reality by 2017, the analyst stressed it will be made with extra weight than the current design and in 2.5D glass casing in order to survive a cruel drop test.

In case Apple will find out that iPhone 8's suitability to an entirely glass design is not possible, Kuo suggested that the Cupertino conglomerate might be using an edge frame made of stainless steel metal to clamp the display, the glass-made back panel and the physical components. Apple will be using a stainless steel material only to its more expensive models of the watch lineup.

Accordingly, the metal material will be the line to separate the high-end iPhones. 

Phones Like iPhone 8 Are The Next Big Thing

Kuo also predicted that glass-made phones will be the next big thing in the smartphone race, as many will follow the footsteps of Apple.

iPhone 8, if it comes out as rumored, will not be the first glass-made smartphone by Apple. Back in 2010 and 2011, the computer company already released the iPhone 4 and iPhone, respectively, in the concept design.

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