'Orange is the New Black' Season 5 Spoilers: Release Date, Cast, And Updates

“Orange is the New Black” has been tagged as one of the most sought-after American TV Series to date. With that, additional seasons came in the way for this series. As the unveiling of the release date for its Season 5 remains silent, certain rumors spread that it would be released on June 2017.

As released in Inquisitr, Most of Litchfield’s women will still be seen in the show. Characters that are there would be Crazuy Eyes, Alex Vayse, Piper Chapman, Red and more. The site also shared that Lori Petty could have a possible return in the show.

Also as stated in Parent Herald, there could be a possible death in Season 5, just like what happened to Poussey in Season 4. Viewers all over the world believed that there could be a probable death of one of the show’s major character.

Fans speculated that the next character that could face death would be Piper, played by Taylor Schilling. Some also thinks that Bailey’s life is somehow connected with Poussey’s death in its Season 4 finale.

With how season 4 ends, viewers still question the actions of Daya and how she could suffer from the consequences of her choices.

The creator of the series, Jenji Kohan informed that the hit series “Orange is the New Black” will be viewed up until Season 7. This proves that people around the world loved every part of the series. This will also make Kohan the showrunner for three additional seasons of the series.

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