God Of War 4: Kratos Is Back! News, Updates And All You Need To Know Inside

Sony's bearded hero is about to be unleashed.

Santa Monica Studio, the creator of God of War series, provided us a major revelation during the E3 event. The God of War series started last 2005 and it's getting bigger and better every year. God of War is based on greek mythology hero named Kratos, a spartan warrior who was betrayed by his former master Ares, the God of War. Now, Kratos' seek to free himself from the influence of the gods and starts its quest for revenge against Ares.

"Santa Monica always delivers some of the generation's best-looking games, and looks set to continue to do so, with even the brief glimpse we saw at E3 blowing everything that's come before out of the water." Brett Phipps said.

God Of War is an action adventure game who received high praise on all of its series. Gameplay, graphics and audio, you name it. God Of War eclipses all the expectation from fans, gamers and critics alike.

With God of War 4 on the horizon, here's some of the things you need to know.

When is the release date of God Of War 4?

No release date provided. However at the E3 2016 convention, it was announced that God of War is "currently in development". PS4 Pro features will be supported, that's a guarantee.

Is the gameplay the same with its predecessors?

There's a slight difference when it comes to gameplay basing on the trailer that we've seen. Kratos' seems to be more relax and his brutal ways of killing was not emphasize on the trailer. But don't worry, there are still large,mystic and mythic creatures that you can kill using your favorite weapon.
Will it adapt the same story?
Kratos' will still be Kratos. But at this time, he has to mentor, guide and protect his son. Our bearded hero finds himself in the world of Norse Mythology.

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