'The Blacklist': Season 4, Episode 3 and 4, Updates, Spoilers, Preview - Details Inside

NBC's Blacklist is back with a season full of controversies.

The American crime drama series which premiered on NBC last 2013 is here and they are back with a bang. The series has its main character still intact. Namely, James Spader a.k.a Raymond "Red" Reddington, FBI's most wanted fugitive who surrendered, as he claims they share same interest in getting rid of criminals. Megan Boone a.k.a Elizabeth Keen who plays a rookie FBI profiler and has trouble profiling herself.

Blacklist was written by Joe Bokenkamp and best known for his role in writing the screenplay for The Call and Taking Lives. The show earned high praise from respected critics. The Blacklist is a consistent member of Top 10 TV series for the past years and they are not ready to let go of it.

.Season 4 premiered last September 29, 2016 marking its 69 episode for the whole Blacklist franchise.

Season 4 Episode 3 Preview.

The upcoming episode is titled "Miles McGrath" based on some of the reports that was gathered. The episode will revolve around Liz Keen's background. This could be the episode were in Keen will have clarity about herself. Fans are craving already on the whereabouts of Keen but the producers seems to be elusive on the subject. Again there's no final word yet if this is true, but I guess Season 4 would be the best time to introduce Keen's story.

Season 4 Episode 4 Preview.

Like episode 3. Episode 4 "Gaia" is still vague considering that it has small time before its release. The only thing that we know right know is they are on the hunt against eco-terrorist with a link to Alexander Kirk. Tom will take over the situation and as usual, Red will direct Liz and the task force to trail the suspects.

Here's the promo of Season 4 Episode 2 "Mato"

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