Nicole Kidman On Her Marriage With Tom Cruise: 'I Look Back Now and I'm Like WHAT?'

Recently, the happily married Nicole Kidman spoke about her marriage back in 1990 with the Mission Impossible actor Tom Cruise. "I was so young when I got married. I look back now and I'm like, 'What?'" the actress said to U.K's Red Magazine. She said that she couldn't believe that she was only 23 years old when she first said her "I do".

The Moulin Rouge actress even compared her 23-year old self to the singer Taylor Swift stating that when she was in Swift's age (26) she was already married and by the time she reached 27 she already had 2 kids.

"You look at Taylor Swift. I mean how old is she? She's 26. I had two kids by the time I was 27 and I'd been married for four years. But that's what I wanted."

Nicole Kidman and ex-husband Tom Cruise first met on the set Days of Thunder and when she got married with him she was even able to describe their marriage as "perfect" until things got out of hand and both ended up filing a divorce in 2001. During their marriage, the ex-couple had adopted 2 children; Connor Cruise and Isabella Cruise.

Few years later their divorce, Kidman fell in love with Keith Urban whom she is currently married to.

The actress also explained to U.K Newspaper, The Evening Standard that as a respect to her husband Keith, she is declining to discuss about her marriage with Tom for now; but that doesn't necessarily mean that she had regretted any of her past.

"Any time you have a chance at something again is good, but each combination of people is different. I was a baby when I married Tom, but I don't regret any of it. But out of respect for Keith I tend not to discuss any of that now,"

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