Earth's Global Carbon Levels: There's No Turning Back

Global warming and climate change are two of the most talked about topics when it comes to environment.  While some say that this is a mere speculation, evidence coming from the Earth's CO2 level show that it is real.

Industrial Revolution marked the beginning of a steady rise in CO2 level continuously warming the earth, melting the ice, and rising up sea levels. In fact, for the month of September, the annual low for atmospheric concentration has reached to 400 parts per million.

Carbon dioxide level has reached its high point; which we have not seen in millions of years.  Normally, carbon levels at the end of the month of September reach its lowest point of the year during summer when the plants bloom take in CO2. 

Agencies that have done continuous monitoring of the Earth's CO2 levels are the Scripps, Mauna Loa Observatory, NASA, and Institute of Oceanography all have the same conclusion; that is, the earth's level of CO2 has reached its crucial point - something that is alarming to everyone.

Professor Black said that humans have taken just about 50-60 years of  what nature took millions of years to change. It took millions of years for the atmosphere to reach 440 ppm of carbon dioxide level and another millions of years to bring it back to 280 ppm.

Even if we do a steady usage of CO2, there is no guarantee that the CO2 level will drop down.  It will continue to rise if there's no proper regulation on the industries.  With this current result of the Earth's CO2 reaching 400 ppm, scientists feared that there's no point of turning back to how it used to be.

As per Dr. Matthews, the CO2 concentration level has a possibility of being reversed but the temperature resulting from the change would not. If humans who have contributed to this change will not do much effort on resolving this. 

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