HP EliteBook Folio Review: Ultimate MacBook Pro 2016 Alternative

With the absence of a MacBook Pro 2016 getting more and more disappointing by the week, there are Mac users who had given up on the waiting game. In such cases, people either go for a strong contender in the Windows category, or take the newest Mac the market has to offer. More often than not, new Windows wins over relatively outdated Macs. This is when the HP EliteBook Folio becomes one of the best options for people looking for a MacBook Pro 2016 alternative.

HP EliteBook Folio Specs

According to a post by The Verge, the HP EliteBook Folio is overall a business-focused laptop. Like the MacBook, it's both lightweight and slim, making it extra portable. It is not more than 0.5-inches thick and no more than 2.2 pounds in weight. The laptop itself has a 12.5-inch display, 8 GB RAM, and storage options of either 128 GB or 512 GB. There is also the option of going for either a 1080p display or a 4K one.

Furthermore, the device runs Windows OS and according to the source, it does run well with Windows 10. Additionally, the HP EliteBook Folio has two USB Type-C ports. It's worth noting that Apple's laptop only has one of these.

HP EliteBook Folio Review

Overall, the laptop is a good go-to laptop for people who are always working on something on their PCs. The HP EliteBook Folio is also one of the absolute best MacBook Pro 2016 substitutes in case the Apple device gets cancelled or delayed. According to Mac World, a rumored MacBook Pro launch date has surfaced online, but it's still far from being confirmed.

However, it's still worth noting that the HP EliteBook Folio has flaws of its own, and depending on your computing needs, these flaws may or may not be a big problem. For instance, there are bundled software programs on the device that can be irritating to some, considering the amount of unsolicited notifications they bring. Its 4K feature is also a bit unnecessary, so going for the regular variant might as well be a better option. Nevertheless, as a whole, the HP EliteBook Folio is a great-looking laptop. It's light, well built, stable and sturdy.

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