Ubisoft Explains Why The NX Will Put Nintendo Back In The Race

Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot expresses that the Nintendo NX will be the key to getting Nintendo 'back in the race', as a comeback for the Wii U's poor sales, during a shareholder meeting. It seems that Ubisoft has had several praises already about the Nintendo NX and this article will tackle if it's about sincerity or just another marketing strategy.

Ever since it released in 2012, the Nintendo Wii U has not yet successfully recaptured the huge success of the Nintendo Wii - its predecessor. The console has been dragged down by PS4 and Xbox One - its serious competition. Part to blame is the Wii U's high price, according to a Nintendo executive, Game Rant reports.

This is the reason why it took the Wii U until early 2016 to sell 12 million units, the same reason why rumors about Nintendo will stop producing the Wii U this year is so believable. Despite this nightmare-ish story, one industry giant still believes that Nintendo still has a fight in it thru its next console, the Nintendo NX.

Chloé Woitier, a French journalist, says that Guillemot stated: "I believe Nintendo will be back in the race with the NX.", during a shareholder's meeting earlier this week. The CEO's comment fortifies what he earlier commented about Nintendo's product saying that the Nintendo NX is a "fantastic machine", following another expression that he is "impressed" by the forthcoming console.

Ubisoft's belief in the Nintendo NX offers credibility to the rumors that the upcoming console will be featuring something incredibly different. There is even speculation that the NX will be a console-slash-handheld followed by suggestions that it will run on cartridges, not discs.

These new features could just be 'lurking out there' and are wild enough for Nintendo to brew its new console to be totally different alternative to the 2 current console giants. The original Wii became successful due to its breakthrough with the motion controller.

Nonetheless, others have expressed scepticism towards Guillemot's very positive comments. Skeptics point out that the positive comments are just a means to give Just Dance a headstart, speculating it could be an NX launch title. Furthermore, Guillemot has also confirmed that other titles are in the works for the NX, so as of this writing, it would be wise to hold off feelings towards the NX until the actual thing is officially announced.

With all the positivity Ubisoft has put with the Nintendo NX lately, should we believe in it? Or is it just a PR strategy? Below is a commentary about whether or not we should believe on Ubisoft's comments about the Nintendo NX.


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