'Attack On Titan' Season 2 Spoilers & Updates: Commander Smith's Final Stand; Levi Goes Berserk

With still a few more months to go before "Attack on Titan Season 2" resumes, several new spoilers about the forthcoming season have been spreading online.

Recent reports about Season 2 of the giant-based anime suggest that Chief Erwin Smith, commander of the 13th Scout Regiment, will apparently meet his death in battle. 

Heroic Death of Commander Smith

Erwin Smith, often formally called as Commander Smith by his troops, is known for being a shrewd combatant in the battle field and a compassionate leader of his men earning the unquestioning loyalty of the entire scout regiment.

Spoilers say that "Attack on Titan Season 2's" opening episode will be the final appearance of the battle-hardended commander for he will go down fighting as he leads the survey corps in a victorious winner take all showdown against the Titans.

Commander Erwin's heroic sacrifice was foreshadowed in "Attack on Titan" Season 1 episode 9.

For those who hadn't seen the episode, they missed seeing the commander sacrifice his left arm to save the kidnapped Eren from Bertolt. Episode 9 was aptly titled: "Where the Left Arm went: The Battle for Trost."

Epic Wrath Of Levi On Berserk Mode

Now in Season 2, fans will see an epic ending to the one-armed commander who will rally his troops in a glorious battle one last time before dying a warrior's death.

Erwin's death apparently will push genius-level soldier Levi into the brink of his anger, causing him to go berserk and slaughter masses of Titans as vegeance for his fallen leader.

The glorious death of Erwin and Levi's epic massacre of the Titans will surely drive fans wild with excitement when "Attack on Titan" season 2 finally arrives.

Return To Shiganshina Arc 

Reports believe that Season 2 will feature the "Return to Shiganshina arc" because this is the part of the manga that told of Erwin's death.

The "Shiganshina" is the seventh story arc of the "Attack on Titan" manga.

Upon Erwin's demise, fans will probably see in Season 2 his appointed successor as commander to the scout regiment.

Before Erwin breathe his last, he'd choose the leader of the 4th squad, Hange Zoe, to be the 14th commander of the scout regiment.

Hange Zoe is the scientist soldier of the corp credited for creating the new anti-titan weapon "The Titan Guillotine."

Hange Zoe, as told in the manga, earned the respect of Erwin many times and he strongly hinted on different occassions to Zoe that he would want the female soldier to take his place once he dies.

"Attack on Titan Season 2" hits TV screens next year and fans only need to wait a few more months to see the survey corp go to war against the Titans.

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