Pokemon GO Hack: Lets You Travel Anywhere Without Jailbreaking Your Phone

The hype over Pokemon GO have slowed down these past few weeks. However it is undeniably evident that it is still the most played mobile game in the world. Pokemon Go ranks as the 5th most downloaded app amongst the US top grossing iPhone apps chart. These impressive figures earned them the respect of many analysts considering the stiff competition in the market. To date, there is heavy competition amongst mostly used App store leaders - each with a distinct feature to offer. The challenge in the market pushes the game developers to innovate and present newer features to its growing market. As an avid gamer, the progress of the game will both challenge and innovate your tactics as well - and that sometimes include searching for new hacks to better play the game.

Now, there is a Pokemon GO hack that allows you to go anywhere without physically moving from your current location. The best part is - you don't have to jailbreak your Smartphone to do it.

This Pokemon GO hack was first confirmed in August according to sources. The hack allows you to add a joystick in your Pokemon GO screen. The little joystick then lets you control the character. You can take your character to places without having to move an inch from your bed or couch.

The other amazing feature of this hack is this - it maintains your character at a walking pace. Keeping your character at a moderate walking speed allows you to catch Pokemon without triggering Niantic's alarms and getting banned.

There are other Pokemon GO cheats that allows teleporting around the game. This cheat however alerts Niantic's alarms therefore banning and dropping your account.

Some game fanatics are adamant that the hack would not anymore be applicable once the Pokemon GO game updates are released. The good news however is, the jailbreak hack still works perfectly.

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