iPhone 7 Torture Test: Videos Show How Tough It's Not

The iPhone 7 has been tested in unimaginable ways, just a few days after its release. In different video demonstrations, iPhone 7s have been boiled in water, dropped from a helicopter, cut in half and bent beyond reason.

While it's not true that you can add a headphone jack by drilling your iPhone, there are other things that are surprisingly true with some of these videos.

Let's start with the scratch and bend test. Based on the video below, it seems like the iPhone 7 can hold its ground even with harsh bending, but scratches are more likely to happen.

Now on to durability. There are varying opinions on the matter, with the video below suggesting that the iPhone 7 is more durable than its predecessor, the iPhone 6s.

However, a more in-depth and scientific approach from another video concludes that there's really not much difference with Apple's latest iPhone.

Which takes us to the next question: Can the iPhone 7 survive being submerged in water? As this video shows, it turns out it's just as good as the Samsung Galaxy S7. While it can take a quick dip with you and still operate, it's not recommended for lengthy water activities like diving.

So in case you somehow left your iPhone 7 in the freezer, what would happen? Well, it looks like you can thaw it for a few minutes and it'll back to working order.

While these videos have shown that the iPhone 7 can be tough, it can't handle all kinds of abuse. Logic and reasoning dictate that setting the phone on fire, cutting it in half, shooting it with a rifle or blending it with a BlendTec blender will definitely cause irreversible damage to the device.

There seems to be no end to what people are willing to do to test the iPhone 7, and the fact that it costs around $600 doesn't seem to matter.

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