The Adventures Of Supergirl: Exclusive Season Preview, New Network, New Characters, More Inside

Supergirl fans, here's what you are waiting for.

Last season, Supergirl left its viewers with several mysteries and a concern that revolves around the show. We all know that there are no guarantees in a TV series. The first season you are hot, the next season you are not. TV series are in a way, part of our lives. If we are no longer entertained with one series, for sure there will be another series that would eventually suit your personal likings.

Supergirl was in a big limbo last season and the fans created so many speculations on whether or not the series would still be alive. The powerful little show that earned its rightful place in the lexicon of television superheroes will be back. Supergirl will be able to fly again but on its new network.

Alex will finally have his new home and we can't wait to see a glimpse of that. Cat Co still looks the same and no changes in Kara's apartment. The only big change is the DEO as it made a total overhaul on its look.

As stated there will be new faces that will accompany Supergirl in its new series. National City will be welcomed by Tyler Hoechlin or Clark Kent aka Superman and Katie McGrath or famously known as Lena Luthor. Both are major characters who play big roles in this episode. Putting Clark Kent is a bit risky since it might steal the spotlight away from Kara.

Overall, this is an awesome way to start the new season. Supergirl is positioned to climb top of the charts when it comes to TV series. A very heavy-tactical episode which action sequences are on point is what the series needed. The move is the key for Supergirl to evolve as it gives them more room for their creativity. Season one is interesting and season 2 is poised to be extraordinary.

Here's a clip of the upcoming season.

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