Alec Baldwin Is Donald Trump In New Season of SNL

"Saturday Night Live" has kept people on their toes after releasing series of teasers that featured Margot Robbie, making hype for their new season. It was not until they released the teaser of their US Presidential Debate 2016 sketch that the world anticipated the show's comeback.

The presidential debate parody featured guest host, Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump and SNL old-timer, Kate McKinnon as Hillary Clinton. American actor Michael Che played the role of Lester Holt as the calm and indifferent moderator of the said presidential debate.

The first episode just aired and as expected, viewers tuned in to the show's segment, which was a parody of this year's US Presidential Debate. The parody showcased the highlights of the recently held presidential debate with jabs at both candidates. It accentuated both the strengths and faults in their characters and exaggerated their original answers during the presidential debate. There were subtle jabs at the supporters of Donald Trump, as well.

Though Michael Che and Kate McKinnon did a good job portraying their respective roles, Alec Baldwin was highly praised for perfecting his impression of Donald Trump. Baldwin nailed it from the facial expressions to the way Donald Trump "immaturely" acted. Baldwin successfully delivered a hilarious version of Donald Trump. But despite the comedic approach that SNL wanted to portray, it somehow showed and reminded people of how the recent US Presidential Debate went down. All in all, it was an actual representation of the latest presidential debate, except it was blown up to suit and appease with the popular show's comedic approach.

Known for its mature humor, SNL imperceptibly conveyed a message to the world through this sketch that the upcoming US Presidential Elections is not something anyone should brush off. It is a matter that should be seriously taken by each US citizen.

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