'NBA 2K17' Guide: Understanding Defensive Stopper Badge, The Most Powerful And Hardest Badge To Earn

"NBA 2K17" is one of the best reviewed games of 2016, with high replay value, great graphics and deep gameplay and narrative.

"NBA 2K17" features a variety of multiplayer modes. Most popular of these is the "badges" system which players need to earn in order to get stronger in the game.

Badges are unlocked when users complete tasks required by the game.

Players know well that badges are not easy to attain. Time and effort must be spent to acquire them. However, the rewards after getting them makes the hard work worth it.

One of the most valuable and strongest badges a player should get is the Defensive Stopper Badge because it bestows powerful defensive capabilities.

Defensive Stopper decreases the effectiveness of an opponent's offensive skills in a defensive match-up.

 Zach Timmerman, an "NBA 2K" gameplay producer for 2K Sport, shared on Twitter his personal view on why it is so important for players to get the Defensive Stopper badge.

The difficulty of getting the badge is attested on Reddit where players discussed how hard it is to get it. Yet, the Reddit community nearly all agreed that the Defensive Stopper badge is worth all the effort it demands.

To unlock the Defensive Stopper, one must first accomplish two kinds of "accolades": "Play Some D" and "Not This Time."

"Accolades" are a list of optional objectives in the game which if accomplished grants users virtual currency and points to help unlock badges.

When a player successfully blocks an opponent or forces a shot to miss, the player gets "Play Some D" accolade points.

On the other hand, when the player stops the opposing team from scoring in a fast break, the player earns "Not This Time" accolade points.

"Play Some D" has a total of 200 points while "Not This Time" has 50 points.

A user must block and defend in transition until he earns 160 out of 200 "Play Some D" points and 35 out  50 "Not this Time" points and only then will the Defensive Stopper badge would be unlocked.

To view how many accolades points have been earned, one just has to click the "My Career" option and the "Accolades" category can be seen in the middle-right side of the screen after the "My Minutes" category.

To summarize all these: Contest every shot; defend every transition and temporarily focus less on scoring. In other words, one should think and act like a defensive player would in a real game.

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