Google Plans To Redesign Tech Industry With 'Star Trek'-Style Computer

Google Plans To Redesign Tech Industry With Star Trek-Style Computer
Google is on the verge of developing the future of the tech industry with its currently being developed Assistant. If this turns into a reality, then it will be comparable to technology featured on 'Star Trek.' Photo : Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Google is considered to be one of the most valuable companies worldwide. However, despite its seeming omnipotence on the internet, it still is facing a ticking time bomb. Why is this so? Google is a company that relies heavily on its profits that are coming from its many ads that are scattered throughout the World Wide Web.

If the internet collapses, surely Google will be in big trouble. With this, more and more of the time spent on computing are now being shifted to smartphones, resulting in the age of apps.

The Future of Google

Google knows this, which is why it melds these advances into a new and innovative product that uses a futuristic technology comparable to that of Star Trek. Sundar Pichai, the new CEO of Google has invested the company into potentially unlocking the secrets of a new technology.

Pichai is still reserved on the further giving out of information, but surprisingly, he says that the development of its Assistant is "a seminal moment" for Google.

What is the Google Assistant?

The Assistant will feature a groundbreaking technology for Google as it will be omnipresent as well as omnipotent - to a certain degree. As of now, we need to choose from the many travel sites to book a trip, look at the calendar, as well as plan it out with family and friends.

With the help of the Assistant, our machines would be the ones to do everything that we once need to do. They will not only give out information but also get to decide for us.

Furthermore, Google is looking at the long-term effects of this project as it is still currently in its prematurity. If things go well in the long run, then this might be the key to unlocking the ultimate success of Google's future

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