'Suits' Season 6 Episode 11 Spoilers And Update: Why Jessica Pearson Left The Firm And Will She Be Back?

Things just got more complicated in "Suits" Season 6 midseason finale wherein Jessica Pearson resigned after she has successfully defended Leonard Bailey. According to reports, the decision to let Gina Torres go was mutual but it looks like the showrunners are not closing their doors for her return.

Creator Aaron Korsh explains Torres is currently going through personal matters in her life and prefers to primarily stay in Los Angeles while the film shoots in Toronto. This led for the production to "discuss a grateful exit from the show." It also looks like this decision was a long time coming as Korsh and the actress is said to be "Banting about for a while"

When the actress was asked about her departure and the reaction of Korsh, she said "Well, he wasn't that happy about it [Laughs], 'cause we all love Jessica, but he's been awesome, as has been USA, about letting me come home for a while and tend to my life," The actress was also asked what she will miss about her portrayal of Jessica, she said "Often when you see a woman of power portrayed on television, there's a compromise given, and as tough as nails as Jessica is and has been, her soft side is always on display, her femininity is always on display. So, I'm going to miss that."

In the story, Jessica Pearson only left for Chicago so her character's return is not entirely impossible. When Korsh was asked for any plans of bringing her back, he said that at the moment they are mainly focusing on conceptualizing the remaining episodes of season 6.

Fans are now asking what will happen to the firm now that Pearson is gone? Will it now consider merging firms offered by Robert Zane? Korsh said that option is also being considered. "And then Louis and Harvey are going to have a little bit of a struggle as to what they're going to do moving forward without Jessica, as you would imagine the two of them," Korsh added. There may be a little misunderstanding between the two says Korsh, particularly in deciding "who's running the show" and what direction will they take.

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