Is HBO's 'Westworld' The Next Big Thing? New Trailer For Coming Episodes, Released

HBO's "Westworld" might just be the next big thing. The first episode focuses on a life-like android named Dolores, programmed to be a Southern gal played by Evan Rachel Wood, who unknowingly is made to undergo the same day over and over again. She is a good natured woman who chooses to see the good in every person.

Jonathan and Lisa Jay Nolan, the writers of the series, center the show on the question if androids feel pain and if doing sadistic impulses wrong to androids? Are they capable of feeling true emotions? And it looks like they have delivered that on their pilot episode and have made their audience more curious of the story.

In the first episode, it looks like Dolores starts to feel the pain and becomes emotionally affected by the things that are happening to her. She starts asking questions and becomes more curious about her situation. In fact, the first fifteen minutes of the episode already shows her being violently and physically abused.

In the new trailer released by HBO today, the audience was given a sneak peek at what to expect in the coming episodes. One surprising scene from the trailer is when Thandie Newton's android character gained consciousness and seemed to be fighting for her life.

Meanwhile, a situation is also building inside the "Westworld," a guest named Man In Black, played by Ed Harris, appears to be acting like a Cormac McCarthy villain and goes around the Wild West, murdering people. His mission is to open the deepest secret of the park and possibly helping the androids get out of the cruel fantasy world.

"Westworld" is a remake of the 1973 science fiction thriller series developed by Jonathan Nolan, who is also the executive producer with Bryan Burk, J.J and Joy Abrams. The first episode premiered on October 2, 2016.

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