'Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom' Review: What's Good, What's Bad

Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom was released in August and the game has garnered some reviews regarding its content and gameplay. So far, the game has delivered what it promised before its release. Here's the good and here's the bad for those who are wondering about the game.

For starters, Attack on Titan has a fast-paced gameplay with the same storyline of the popular anime series. The game's story is, however, streamlined in line with the game. At first look, the story looked linear as it followed the story of Eren Jaeger, the main character, which started from his training to his and his friends campaign against the titans. As the game progresses, players will have the opportunity to explore a side story as the player sets out to have survey missions with other characters of the game.

Aside from meeting the other characters, players will also be given an opportunity to upgrade their equipment which can also be used by other characters who belong to the same Regiment.Some of the missions that will be given in the game are familiar to those who have watched the series. At first, players will have to fight Titans using their omnidirectional maneuver gear. However, as the game progresses, they will be able to engage in fistfights with titans.

Aside from the gameplay, the scenery is also varied which makes the fight scenes more interesting. Some surroundings also affect the movement of the characters. For example, fights that happen in mountain passes give players little maneuvering mode. The game also has an online co-op game which has a similar storyline as the main game. Playing them, however, give players extra points and boost their rewards. Plus, the game becomes twice as enjoyable as players cooperate with each other in beating the titans.

As for the bad, there are a few minor glitches but not too major to ruin the game. For example, fighting using the maneuver gear can be a bit frustrating at times, especially when players get disconnected from it or have limited movement because of the terrain. Another one is a glitch in the camera which can be solved after resetting the camera. All in all, Attack on Titan is a pretty satisfying game.

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