Hulu Slashes Plan Pricing For New Subscribers

Hulu has lowered its monthly price to $6 for new subscribers, in order to beef up its game against video streaming giants like Netflix or Sling TV.

However, the sweet price will only apply for new subscriptions, and will eventually increase to the standard $8 monthly price after a year, CNET reported. Another plan without ads is also available, for those who don't want to encounter any kind of interruption when they´re seeing a good movie or series.

The Bad News

The only bad thing about these new prices is that Hulu will keep the $12 rate for the ad-free version, which is obviously delightful for binge-watchers for obvious reasons. However, as reported by Money Crashers, you should be aware of Hulu Plus promotions, as they have offered in the past nothing less than 90 days free with a coupon code, and there are chances that they would offer the same again. 

The thing is that no matter how people feel about the prices, it is undeniable that Hulu's plans are a breath of fresh air, considering that Sling TV charges nothing less than $20 per month, and Netflix charges $10.

Staying Competitive

According to CNET, the main difference between Hulu and any other streaming service is its on-demand TV programming. It also offers a wide range of cult movie classics and TV series such as The Amityville Horror, Bowling for Columbine, Brief Interviews with Hideous Men, American Horror Story, and many other goodies.

As reported by IndieWire, Hulu has major plans of venturing into virtual reality, and for producing great new shows and comedy series. Its live TV streaming service is also expected to be launched in 2017.

Although it is difficult to say that Hulu can dethrone rival Netflix, it currently is the real deal at the moment. All we can do is just sit and watch out for new developments. 

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