Game Review: Hitman Episode 5 Colorado

Many reviewers only have one thing to say about the new fifth episode of Hitman, Hitman Episode 5 Colorado is a unique experience compared to the past Hitman games but is it a good thing?

Ultimately, unique doesn't always mean good, but in that aspect, Colorado is a fresh new way to play the game in both the story and the game mechanics. (The new Tactical Gear looks insanely cool) In the game you play as the ever stoic Agent 47 and go up against an American Militia, whose HQ is based basically in a farm located in the middle of nowhere.

Phew! That Was Close

The new episode of Hitman challenges player's stealth skills above all. Considering this is a mission which requires the player to infiltrate and find out more information about a top secret militia base, blending in could be quite a challenge since the player can be found trespassing everywhere. Utilizing the appropriate disguise is practical Hitman know-how and sometimes a must. However, suit only challenges are found to be quite more challenging.

Alex Donaldson from VG24/5 said, "By making this location a far more restricted place, another side of this Hitman is shown where it's a more absolute, clean-cut stealth challenge for the player."

Another thing he added is that the first level has an interesting and intruiging story that had him compelled to play and continue.

GameCentral for Metro said that the game almost feels like a Metal Gear solid game sans the cardboard box. "But it's not just that the location is visually drab, but that the sense of fun, and Hitman's famously odd sense of humour, is rarely in evidence. There's some OTT execution opportunities but the actual characters themselves are all rather dull and serious."

All in all, the game recieved a so-so raiting to some and a less than average raiting to few. But if you like stealth games, then Hitman Colorado is for you. What do you think?

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