'The Walking Dead' Season 7 Spoilers Update: AMC Series To End Differently From Comic Version

"The Walking Dead" season 7 premiere is just a few weeks away and creator Robert Kirkman has opened up about how he wants his comic book to have a different ending from the TV series version.

Kirkman recently guested on AMC comedy night talk show "Geeking Out," where he answered the rumor about planning to end his comic series at the same time the TV series concludes.

"I hope the show ends and the comic keeps going," Kirkman jokingly responded. "The comic was the comic before the show and so I try to maintain that. Like I know how I want to end The Walking Dead and so I can't tell...anyone because I don't want it on the show before I get it in my comic. So it's tough, it's tough."

Kirkman refused to reveal how his comic book will end, not until the TV series ends. "The Walking Dead" season 7 is speculated to be the finale of the series, and fans are already scouring the internet for leaks on how the ending would look like. The comic book has been the reference of many "TWD" fans to predict what the future episodes would entail, but this time Kirkman opted to leave them a big question mark by not telling how he will twist the ending for the comic version. He, however, pointed out that the two versions will go on a different route and thus might end quite differently.

Furthermore, Kirkman joked to play dumb when "The Walking Dead" series writer consulted him for the comics ending. Still he said he would help "The Walking Dead" show tailor an ending, in benefit of his comics to get its own path of conclusion.

"The Walking Dead" Strayed From The Comics First

Before Kirkman told "TWD" fans about his intention of ending the comics differently, the TV series has long before taken detours in its storyline. An obvious example will be Michonne, who is characterized as a one-woman-show in the comics and is described to be close to Tyreese and later on to King Ezekiel. However, she ended up being the love interest of Rick Grimmes in the show. Also, the TV series played it differently when Rick was supposed to lose his right hand to the Governor but ended up with an intact pair in the show.

This straying ways of the "The Walking Dead" comics and the series give hope to the character of Glenn Rhee who's slated to get killed in season 7 premiere as Negan's victim. Clues from the previous season and the spoilers of "The Walking Dead" season 7 revealed Glenn being battered to death. But if the show twists the story one more time, Glenn might escape, which means someone else should play the victim. Online polls and theories created by fans point to Abraham to be next in line.

Meanwhile, Kirkman confirmed a greater level of fear of Negan to grow within the group, the kind that is described as deeper fear than that seen in "The Walking Dead" season 6, when the group was just dealing with the walkers. Kirkman also hinted that this growing fear will cause divisiveness, which will mainly affect Rick.

"The Walking Dead" season 7 will premiere on AMC on Oct. 23, Sunday.

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