‘Bleach’ Live-Action Movie: Sota Fukushi In Set Photos Revealed

After releasing an announcement back in August 2016, confirming that the hit manga and anime series, Bleach, will be having a live-action movie adaptation, the first collection of photos of the movie set have surfaced. A number of people have posted photos on social networking sites what clearly looks like one of the movie's lead actors shooting a scene.

Japanese actor Sota Fukushi, who will play the role of Kurosaki Ichigo, is seen sporting the exact replica of one of the main character's known costumes. The said movie shoot recently took place near Sagami-Ono Station in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. It is noticeable though that they left out the part of Ichigo being orange-haired. Tite Kubo, the creator of Bleach, has given his sentiments about this matter and said that he was a bit worried about Ichigo not having his original hair color. Nonetheless, he will support the movie and make sure that it turn out great.

Since the announcement that Bleach was going to have its own live-action movie, details on the plot has not been disclosed. But with the emergence of these photos, judging on the Sota Fukushi's costumes and props, there are hints that the movie will include the part where Ichigo began his journey as a 'shinigami' or a soul reaper. People are looking forward to seeing the other main characters in the movie as well, especially when there are no news yet of other actors involved in the movie or further information of which characters will appear in the movie.

Bleach is one of the most popular manga and anime titles of all times. The manga successfully ran for 15 years. The movie adaptation announcement was brought to light along with the end of the manga's run, when Weekly Shounen Jump published the final chapter, bringing fans to anticipate the movie even more. The movie is expected to be officially released in 2018.

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