Intel Will Launch Kaby Lake Processors In January 2017

Various retail listing online have revealed details about Intel's next-generation Kaby Lake processor. Intel's powerful new processors are indeed on their way to the market. 

Apple iMac Features Intel Kaby Lake CPU

Over the weekend, Apple has listed on Best Buy's website an upgraded iMac powered by Intel's seventh-generation Kaby Lake Core i7 processor, according to Techno Buffalo. The new 27-inch iMac listed comes with next-gen processor on board.

The rest of the internal hardware specs for the iMac did not change much. The laptop still comes with a 2 TB Fusion Drive, 32 GB of RAM and a Retina 5K display. Since then, the listing has been taken down from the site, so it is still possible this could just be a mistake by Best Buy. However, the timing suggests Apple is planning to launch a new iMac featuring Intel's new processor.

Intel Kaby Lake Motherboards

According to the website, some other online leaks on Intel's Kaby Lake Z270 platform are coming in from various sources. Tech analysts expect that Intel will launch its next-generation Kaby Lake processors in early January. These upcoming Intel processors will be compatible with both 100-series and new 200-series motherboards that will soon come on the market.

For instance, one of these online leaks is coming from Zolkorn and presents box shots of two ASRock motherboards. The latest Z270 chipset is used in both motherboards.

Among the motherboards pictured are the ASRock Z270 Pro 4 and the ASRock Z270 Gaming K6. The Pro 4 motherboard is part of the mainstream line, while the Gaming K6 caters to gamers and enthusiasts.

The Z270 motherboard socket is part of the upcoming 200-series chipset stack. In the upcoming motherboard lineup, the 200-series will be the top tier.

All 200-series and 100-series based motherboards will support Intel's upcoming Kaby Lake processors. Board partners of Intel will provide firmware updated for the current generation of motherboards. This way it is ensured ongoing support with existing motherboards for the highly-anticipated Kaby Lake CPUs from Intel.

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