Pokemon Go Tips And Tricks: How To Earn 800+ PokeCoins Per Week

PokeCoins are considered as the virtual currency on the worldwide hit game Pokemon Go. You can purchase all in-game resources and upgrades in the game such as Pokeballs, Potions, Revive, Lucky Eggs and more. You can obtain a PokeCoin whenever you have a Pokemon stationed on a certain gym location. It has been reported earlier that every stationed Pokemon will give you 10 PokeCoins and 500 Stardusts. In addition, PokeCoins can also be purchased via real life currency.

Thankfully, for those trainers who preferred to play for free or someone who's in a tight budget, a great guide has been posted on Reddit about maximizing your earned PokeCoins per collection. According to Otakukart, this reddit user has been constantly earning 800 PokeCoins. It is somewhat lengthy for a guide. However, it is worth a read and it's recommendable to follow each and every details written.

Here are the highlights of the reported Pokemon Go guide, according to the reports from Pokemon Go Hub:

  • Find an ideal gym location that is rarely accessible by car or that has low traffic rate.
  • Find a gym location in the neighborhood where your team dominates.
  • Avoid building up gyms in a very populated area.
  • Maximize the attack and leveling of a certain gym location.
  • Deploy your gym Pokemon Wisely. Consider the best gym defenders to protect your gym. Ideally, deploy your Pokemon with the highest CP and good defensive move set.
  • While taking over a gym, always aim for the top spot which is unlikely to be knocked out.
  • Deploy your Pokemon on a high level gym. Avoid being on the bottom 3.
  • Screenshot every Pokemon you deploy in order to track them whenever they got knocked out.
  • Dominate the other team on your neighborhood quickly and start to expand your coverage.
  • Manually count your deployed Pokemon before the collection.
  • Set up an alarm hours before you collect okeCoins and Startdusts to maximize your time

The collection might vary on your location. However, with this guide, it should help you double your earnings. More Pokemon Go Tips and Tricks coming soon.


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