Horizon Zero Dawn Brings Side Quests To A Whole New Level

Guerilla Games has set a bar for open world experience today as they are about to release a very promising post-apocalyptic open world action game titled Horizon Zero Dawn. It offers a wide variety of in-game activities for players that love to indulge in an open world environment.

What to Expect in Horizon Zero Dawn?

For those that still haven't seen the gameplay video, Horizon Zero Dawn offers third-person shooting, and open world exploration combined with spectacular visuals that will surely tantalize players that love these kinds of genres.

Horizon Zero Dawn setting starts with the main protagonist named Aloy, which will be played by you, as he stumbles upon an unknown world of Horizon, a fictional world dominated by machine-like animals. In this game, you play as a young hunter that is tasked with a formidable duty - uncovering the secrets behind these machines and the reason behind their hostility.

Horizon Zero Dawn Side Quests and More

In the world of Horizon, humans have reverted to their old, primitive way of living. This means that hunting, gathering and crafting plays a big role in this game. Side quests will take you to various locations to hunt and track down animals in order to gather food and resources which will be used to craft gear and bags, which will also improve your inventory space.

Aside from hunting and gathering, Horizon Zero Dawn side quests will also take you to explore various tribes across the lands that have their own customs and traditions. As you carry out more and more side quests, you will eventually learn how each tribe differs with their understanding in the world which will play a critical role in your overall experience of the game.

Players doing side quests in the world of Horizon not only improves their combat efficiency through side quests but also gain insights of its overall content and lore which makes it even more fascinating and essential (to some).

Horizon Zero Dawn Release Date

Horizon Zero Dawn is set to be officially released on February 28, 2017 in North America and March 3, 2017 in the UK. Note that this is a PS4 exclusive by Guerilla Games which means it'll be released with a 4k compatibility for the upcoming console PS4 Pro.

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