Get The Outlast 2 Free Demo Before November One:The Perfect Horror Game To Celebrate Halloween

Stephen King said "Alone" is the most awful word in the English tongue so you better grab a buddy and make sure you won't be because critically acclaimed and insanely horrific Outlast 2 free demo just came out today. What better way to celebrate Halloween than to sit back, relax, and enjoy the sneak peak to Red Barrel's upcoming sequel to one of the best survival horror games out there.

Get Ready For Outlast's Brand Of Terror

The first Outlast game was a huge hit back in 2014 and is still considered one of the most unique survival horror games to date. It's own brand of frightening and heart-stopping detailed world delivers a different kind of terror that immerses a player deeply into the halls of Mount Massive Assylum - Truly a game you'll wish you didn't play but won't stop playing.

In Outlast 2 demo, you play as investigative journalist Blake Langermann who looks into a murder of a pregnant woman. Your helicopter crashed when you head down to Arizona and had to search for your wife Lynn beyond the wreckage. You began your frantic hunt for Lynn while documenting everything with your trustee video camera and its useful night vision feature - which ironically delivered most of the past game's terrifying images. Just recall Eddie Gluskin's glowing eyes as he peers at you through the glass. That dude still gives me the creeps - and thus my favorite Outlast psycho.

Oulast Everyone

The Outlast 2 demo is now available for the PlayStation 4 and PC - and coming soon on the Xbox One. This demo is not going to be available forever as it will be removed on November 1 so make sure to download a copy of it immediately. Outlast 2 is developed by independent studio Red Barrels and the original vanilla game will be released in 2017. It was supposed to be released fall this year but Red Barells delayed its release.

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