‘Pokemon Go’: How To Find Porygon, Tips, Tricks And Cheats, Details Inside

Mythical and rare Pokemons are hard to catch, especially when you don't know where to find it.

There are dozens and dozens of mythical and rare 'Pokemon Go' trophies that players want to have. But trying to catch them is hard and locating them is a lot harder. There are two ways on how you can catch them. First, if you are lucky enough, you can obtain them by hatching an egg. Secondly, you can get them by exploring the world. Both are not really in your favor. However, let me tell you a secret or hint on how to catch them all.

Porygon is one of the most elusive and rare Pokemon Go trophies right now. It is so rare that it caused a stampede in Rhodes, Sydney, Australia when it appeared. To think of it, it is even harder for players to get hold of Porygon if they are not in that specific area.

However, "Pokemon Go" gurus says otherwise. They believe that if you want to keep an eye and catch Porygon, you just have to follow a certain pattern. Numerous reports states that Porygon "spawns near court and administrative buildings". The website quoted The Silph Road when they discovered that after the latest "Pokemon Go" migration, Porygon was frequent around the State Division of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation (SEPAI) and at the Department of Agriculture, Livestock and Supplies (MAPA) in Porto Alegre, Brazil. It added that they spotted five Porygons inside the SEPAI building and two at MAPA. Although these two administrative buildings are "not located in the same area", they are more or less 15 minutes away from each other.

Pokemon Go Hub dig a little bit deeper, they were able to validate the rumors after countless of hours in tracking their data. They said that "various urban areas around the world", 35 city areas, 16 rural and 7 transport spots), they collated "around 1250000 spawns" and gave them 378 Porygon encounters.

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